Jo Dwyer | Property Management Checklist
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Property Management Checklist

Property Management Checklist


Understanding that you have trusted us with your most valuable Investment is something we do not take lightly.

We treat each property as if it were our very own and follow strict guidelines in securing the most suitable reference checked Tenants.

Maintaining your Property to a high standard and having a minimal vacancy rate is of the utmost importance.

Some Of The Duties We Do On Your Behalf As Property Managers:

  • Continually keeping up with the Legislation
  • Advertising and conducting Inspections to prospective Tenants
  • Preparing Tenancy Agreements and relevant paperwork
  • Completing Condition Reports and Photographing the Property
  • Collection & Lodgement of Bonds to R.T.A.
  • Conducting Routine Inspections and Reporting
  • Handling Insurance Claims
  • Meeting with prospective Insurance Assessors & Value’s
  • Handling dispute resolution to mitigate losses
  • Preparing files for tribunal cases
  • Arranging for quotes and overseeing Repairs & General Maintenance
  • Handling arrears and sending out breach notices
  • Key monitoring for Tenants and Tradespeople

And are always available to discuss any issues with our Landlords at any time !!!!


Building & Landlord Insurance

Please ensure that your Building & Landlord Insurance is always current and a copy of the renewed Policy is sent to us for our records each year.

You can Insure through your preferred Insurance Company or if you require information for Landlord Insurance or both